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We are a digital orchestration agency which accompanies its clients and helps them to drive complex and innovative digital projects. Established in Madrid since 3 year, we are growing rapidly and seek new talents, so why not you?

Our activity spans to 3 kinds of projects:
• Instant services. We create services accessible through messaging applications. Brands need help to navigate within all Machine Learning solutions and the Artificial Intelligence revolution. We provide them the answers and technical skills to leverage this ecosystem.
• AdTech. We’ve grown an expertise to advertise to Chinese customers, which represents significant administrative and technical hurdles. Thanks to our deals within China and our data management architecture, we are able to cross the Chinese border and operate at a global level.
• Products. Startups that don’t have a digital expertise trust us to build our product and drive their strategy. With them we push the limits of what can be done in payment solutions, banking or online retailing.

The technical team

The team aims to stay small and agile. We make sure that everybody can work on projects that gets their interest, even if it requires training to jump on the subject.
We have well-defined process and methodology, based on Extreme Programing, to ensure that requirements are realistic and that deadlines can reasonably be met.

Our company goal is also to embrace diversity and to make sure that we can all work together. The team is international and we would welcome foreigners as well as Spanish candidates. As such, the working language in the office is English.

And finally, we encourage everybody to participate in open-source projects like BERNARD, our own framework to create instant services. This of course includes coding but also stepping on the stage to talk about what we do and what we believe.

Job description

We are looking for a developer with a curious and responsible mindset. Our favorite tools are
• Django (for APIs),
• BERNARD (for instant services)

• VueJS (for front-ends)
A significant amount of the work we do is to create products from scratch over a few weeks or months. You will be assigned such projects to work on autonomously but yet with the rest of the team to provide feedback and help.

Another significant part is to take care of existing projects by fixing bugs or implementing new features. You will work on internal products as well as go promoting them at conferences or events.

Any skill that you bring can be pushed to our clients and generate new kinds of projects!


In order to perform this mission, you will need at least one significant experience in development and preferably web development. By example, you have at least once participated in an enterprise project that went into production and is currently used.

Most specifically, here are skills that we like to see: • An overall technical culture
• Personal projects (a GitHub page?)
• Ease with Agile methods (especially XP)

• Motivation, curiosity and autonomy
• Ease to talk with clients
• Mastered technical English (English is our work language) • Spanish will be plus

• UE citizen – 18-28 years old
Salaires et Avantages:
If you’re interested by this V.I.E job position, please contact me here:
– Rémunération fixée par Business France pour tous les postes en V.I.E en Espagne (exonération
d’impôts sur les revenus d’un V.I.E)
– 2 allers/retours en avion vers le pays d’origine (sur les 24 mois) – Bonus mensuel de 650€ dédiée à la participation au loyer
[email protected]
If you’re interested by this V.I.E job position, please contact me here: [email protected]

Taille Max : 8 Mo

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