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End-to-end advisory for blockchain projects

Atka is looking for its next team member!

Who we are

Hello, we’re Pierre, Gabriel and William from Atka.

We’re a dynamic team of people invested in the crypto space for many years. We have developed a robust track record in advisory and trading from past experiences, and built a large network of partners in the crypto and blockchain space. We founded Atka at the end of 2018 as an end-to-end advisory firm focused on cryptocurrency and blockchain projects. Atka advises projects from a strategic, operational and technical point of view, leveraging a network of expert partners in technical development, security, legal, compliance, and PR.

We are servicing different types of clients: high standards blockchain projects, cryptocurrency trading firms and institutional players investigating the potential of decentralized protocols and crypto-assets.Before founding Atka, we were involved in different projects of the ecosystem, and notably, we oversaw the development of the European operations of an early cryptocurrency exchange based out of Asia.We are today focused on servicing our current clients to the best of our ability and are developing smaller projects in-house.


We’re looking for a smart independent hands on developer ready to tackle problems in an ever-changing technical environment.

Working with a couple clients and developing in-house technical tools and POCs, we need someone that will be able to understand problems, make them their own, assess the optimal way to fix them, and implement their solutions.
You will be working with the whole team but mainly alongside Pierre who’s got the most technical background and a deep understanding of blockchain technologies.

Whether it is a Proof-of-Concept for a client, an internal node management or monitoring tool, or the creation of a secure key management setup, you’ll be facing complex and interesting challenges, always dealing with cutting edge technologies.

Technical Skills

– Core blockchain concepts. Blockchain is a field of technology that is rapidly evolving. You need to already be immersed in the technology and understand the big challenges ahead, you should be willing to dive deep down the rabbit hole.
– Understanding of the cryptocurrency space. In addition to plain blockchain technologies, we are looking for someone who understands the space we are evolving in. Having experience interacting with cryptocurrencies is preferred.
– Coding. We’re looking for someone versatile that can quickly adapt to what is actually needed. Even though Javascript might be high on our list, we want you to tell us what the optimal programming language is to answer a specific problem.You should also be up to speed on practices like TDD, continuous integration, pairing, and infrastructure automation.
– Smart-contract coding. Solidity is the tip of the iceberg… you need to be able to quickly get up to speed on whatever language is needed on another chain.
A good example would be to build a bridge between Ethereum and another main blockchain , are you up to the challenge ?
– Architecture. You should be comfortable working with the team to craft an architecture design from scratch: choosing the appropriate technology and designing a solution that both answers the problem at hand, and stays within constraints.
– Infrastructure. You shouldn’t be averse to dynamically launching Docker containers and configuring Kubernetes or Google Cloud Platform either if that’s what’s needed to ship. It is preferred that you have previous experience or at least strong understanding in blockchain nodes management.
Agile. We believe strongly in agile delivery practices. You should be very comfortable working with Agile, Lean and Continuous Delivery practices.

Soft Skills

– Thinking big and acting fast. You’ll need a startup mentality with enterprise awareness. That means you can manage competing priorities, that you’re ready to pivot or adjust plans quickly, and that you understand the role you and your team play in major organizations’ tech strategies.
– Being open minded and flexible about your role and willing to experience new ways of thinking and working. Sense of humor is a plus.
– You possess excellent verbal and written communication skills and thrive working within a team
– You’re not scared by complexity
– You have a strong bias towards action and a healthy ‘can do’ attitude


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