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Regular/Temporary : Regular
Position description :
we are looking for a Development engineer.
ICs (Integrated Circuits) are build on silicon wafer. ICs have rectangular shape whereas wafer are circular. 
In ICs fabrication one fundamental step is lithography, that allow to define sub-micrometer patterns on silicon wafers. Patterns present on lithographic masks are derived from layouts through a complex data elaboration. 
Open position is about development and management of software tools related to lithographic mask request procedures and wafer map management. ICs disposition on wafer must be optimized in order to achieve the maximum number of ICs.
Activities are inside R.A.T. (reticle assembly team) /  M.D.P. (mask data preparation) groups for Agrate 8” wafer fab.
R.A.T. / M.D.P. group manages:
lithographic and process control structures drawing
lithographic frame and product layouts from GDS-file level to final MEBES-data files for mask writing.
wafer layout optimization and wafer map management
Tools are used to automatize data flow in order to reduce manual activities, to increase robustness of error detection systems and to minimize time required to perform standard activities.
On top of that it is necessary to guarantee an adequate level of flexibility, in order to be able to manage not-standard activities related to R&D and other engineering teams.

Ideal candidate should have at least 3 of these skills:
Basic knowledge of UNIX/Linux operating systems and user environment (tools, variables…).
Knowledge of shell scripting, at least in one of common shell:

Good knowledge of coding techniques. A plus is to have competencies in web-based programming methodologies.
 A knowledge in one or more of below-listed programming languages is a plus:
C / C++ 
Knowledge of DB is preferred.
Basic knowledge in electronics or solid state physics is appreciated. 
It is also requested:
– Bachelor or Master Degree in: Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science or equivalent Engineer.
-Ability to work in team and good communication skills.
-Analytical and problem solving skills/attitude.
Willing to learn and to get experienced in the technical aspects of mask request data flow and wafer map management.
Education level required : 4 – Bachelor degree
Language / Level :
English : 2- Business fluent
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