2021-16593 – Failure Analysis Engineer M/F

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Regular/Temporary : Regular
Position description :
Within the ADG-Digital perimeter, digital and mixed signal products are designed and manufactured using the most advanced technologies, both from a Front-End (FinFET, CMOS, FDSOI) and from a Back-End (large flip chips BGA, small QFPs, space applications) perspective.

The evolution of technologies and products we are facing requires a deep and timely comprehension of problems and issues encountered during the different phases of the product life-cycle; development, qualification, ramp-up and customer support of new products.  Failure Analysis (FA) is a key activity to support these various phases.
FA has to be executed not only on external customer complaints, but also on internal rejects, whose source can be reliability qualification failures, design debug or yield improvement activities. This requires the failure analyst to work in close collaboration and interact with other functions: reliability & product quality teams, product engineering, design, as well as with FE and BE teams.
The FA activity consists of the analysis and detection of electrical & physical defects. To achieve the final result, the failure analysis flow requires many preliminary steps. These include the reproduction of the electrical failure mode that can be done through basic or complex test-setup and fault isolation, done through laser stimulation, photoemission and thermal microscopy. Following this, physical analysis is performed to provide an image of the physical defect (using techniques such as delayering, mechanical or FIB cross section, XRay, scanning acoustic microscopy, optical and electron microscopy). A wide range of technical competencies may be applied and exploited.
The FA Engineer will have an overview of the entire electrical and physical analysis flow, and in particular needs to develop strong expertise on the electrical and optical fault isolation part. Good knowledge of advanced CMOS processes and electronics will be needed to make easier job integration. Experience in FA, physical or electrical characterization would be a plus.
This job will offer you the opportunity to work in Agrate ADG Digital Failure Analysis team, responsible for some of the most advanced products within ST. The interest of the job is also in the diversity of the tasks to handle and the continuous need of evolution of analysis skills and techniques. That’s why your creativity and adaptability are necessary to develop new methodologies or tools that improve electrical and physical analysis capabilities.

– Strong motivation, curiosity and interest for investigation
– Autonomy, initiative and creativity
– Be rigorous, meticulous and methodical
– Teamwork
– Flexibility, adaptability
– Good knowledge in semiconductor physics and technologies
– English
– Software skills

Education level required : 5 – Master degree
Language / Level :
English : 2- Business fluent
Language / Level :
Italian : 2- Business fluent


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