2021-16562 – Process Engineering M/F

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Regular/Temporary : Regular
Position description :
The manufacturing Process engineer lead and develop a successful process workflow, training to the Operators and Technicians, adapt to changing conditions, and develop new equipment, material, procedures, and policies to increase efficiency without comprising quality, service, cost and safety in the manufacturing operations.
Major Activities
1. To develop and establish the right process recipe and conditions for the right equipment and product for engineering trials and mass production use.
2. To ensure good control and continuous optimization of process parameters through constant monitoring (SPC) and risk assessment (FMEA) of manufacturing process with the right use of statistical tools and methodology.
3. To develop and drive continuous process improvement plan targeting yield, cycle time, equipment throughput and anything that helps to improve quality, service, cost and safety of the process.
4. To establish and provide simple, clear and relevant trainings, working rules or instructions to operators and technicians operating the targeted group of equipment and processes in the right and safe manner.
5. To ensure highest level of attention on package design rules and specification with zero tolerance on deviating from operating procedure and process control limits without authorization.
6. To address or troubleshoot all related  manufacturing process problems with the right use of 8 Discipline (8D) to prevent or eliminate all known and unknown risk and sporadic problems.
7. To ensure high level of attention on confidentiality of process recipes, technical know-how and any other ST classified documents and information and not to share outside ST/STS without authorization.
8. To ensure the capacity set up and new product volume ramp up

1. good communication skills
2. good quality control and quality mindset
3. familiar with SPC/8D/FMEA etc
4. Stress tolerance
5. good English reading and writing skills
6. fast reaction and good execution

Education level required : 4 – Bachelor degree
Language / Level :
English : 1- Basic


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