2021-15495 – Marketing M/F

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Regular/Temporary : Temporary
Position description :
As an assistant for online and offline marcom,
For online marketing,
1. Assist in maintain the official website and community.
2. Assist in the promotion thru online media channels including website, WeChat, live broadcast and the other new medias.
3. Assist in consolidating and analyzing the data of the platform of media.

For offline marketing,
1. Assist in arranging the logistic stuff of events including the roadshow, trade show and exhibition.
2. Assist in promoting thru the media.
3. Assist in consolidating and analyzing the data.

For training,
1. Assist in arranging the logistic stuff of the online and offline training.
2. Assist in setting up the environment and arranging the rehearsal of the online training.
3. Assist in consolidating and analyzing the data of  the customers.

For university program,
1. Assist in responding the online application of the university program thru the email.
2. Assist in arranging the logistic stuff of TTT training and the competition of university.
3. Assist in following up the projects of the universities.
4. Assist in promoting the achievement of  the university program projects.
5. Assist in sorting out the documents of the university program.
6. Assist in consolidating the data of the university program projects.

1. Be familiar with Microsoft office tools, Excellent office tools’ skills is preferred.
2. Be familiar with the operation of new media, and be good at editing article.
3. Good communication and teamwork. 
4. Fluent English.
Education level required : 4 – Bachelor degree
Language / Level :
English : 1- Basic


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