Software Engineer (H/F) en CDI à Paris 35000-44000

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Société : OW2     Lieu : Paris     Type : CDI     Rémunération : 35000-44000     Posté le : 9 heures

This is a high-visibility position for an experienced developer with demonstrated ability to deliver and good communication skills. 

The software engineer will mainly deliver OW2's contribution to two leading-edge EU-funded (H2020) research projects, STAMP and CROSSMINER, that are focused on software testing and general software quality analysis. The software engineer will also directly contribute to the improvement of OW2's state-of-the-art technical infrastructure and the development of OW2's innovative Market Readiness Levels program. 

Key advantages of this position include working with world-class researchers, project leaders and research organizations in a state-of-the-art virtual organisation and gaining high personal visibility in the open source world through OW2.   

A full member of OW2 Management Office, the Software Engineer's main tasks include:

  • Collaborative Projects:  Implementing the OW2 Uses Case in the STAMP and  CROSSMINER research projects
  • OW2 Technical Helping implement the OW2 market readiness program and performing light developments (scripts, application integration) to improve OW2 technical infrastructure.
  • Community: Participating in the Technology Council (TC) meetings and seconding the CTO in interactions with project leaders as necessary.  
  • Outreach:  Preparing and delivering technical presentations of collaborative projects, etc. and participating in OW2 industry conference and exhibitions as necessary.

The successful applicant will report to the CTO of the Consortium. The compensation package will be in relation to the candidate's qualification and experience. 

This is a full-time position (but 80% can be considered).  Work is home-office based.

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