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Emploi Web : description de l’entreprise et de ses activités

Who we are

Lemon Learning is a fast-growing technology startup. We work with major international organizations and stock market leaders: Randstad, BNP Paribas, Allianz, Altran, Renault Group, Adecco, Caisse d’épargne, PSA, Nexity, Orpi, Air Liquide, Système U…) and support over one million users worldwide. 


Our ambition is to be the European leader in the field of digital adoption platforms. We quickly recruit talented and ambitious profiles around three key values: innovation, commercial efficiency and a customer-centric approach. 


At the heart of our project is our belief in active learning through doing, rather than passive training. This is why accelerates user adoption by integrating directly in users’ everyday applications to offer them in-app guidance and boost their productivity. This method digitizes E-learning video training and PDF operating modes. We create training courses in SAAS software (such as Salesforce, Office 365, or Google Suite) and in digital tools developed in-house. 


Our team is young, multi-talented and passionate. Our offices are located in the heart of Paris, boulevard de Sébastopol.  


What matters to us: 

– To offer you a very good onboarding 

– Give you the material and human resources to succeed

– Enable you to work in an environment focused on excellence 

– Create a good working atmosphere


Job Description

To sustain their exponential growth and as part of their globalization strategy, Lemon Learning is looking for new talents to help them grow their business and conquer new markets worldwide. As a Country Manager at Lemon Learning, your role will be to manage operations, develop business and increase profitability for our company in a new country (please mention the regions you are interested in in your cover letter). 


In five years, Lemon Learning has become a leader in France in the EdTech and Change Management market, standing out against competitors with longstanding or successful fundraising experience. We owe it all to our very unique customer-centric culture, our innovative product and excellence of our teams. 


Your role will be to duplicate this success story in a new country. Hard work and dedication will be your allies in making this mission a success. Your role will be similar to the one of a Startup Founder:  alone and very sales oriented at first, you will be expected to be autonomous and to deliver the highest standards of customer service. You will then have to grow the business locally, i.e. develop a new client portfolio, recruit and manage staff, monitor performance, develop key strategic partnerships, increase brand awareness at local trade fairs and events, and many more!


This internship is an end-of-study internship. This is at least a 5-year journey, with high personal and financial rewards and some great challenges to be met. 


You will initially spend a few months in France to become familiar with our business and to get to know everything about the way we sell and service our customers. Your onboarding will be very complete, from Customer Support to Sales on the French market first. It will also be an opportunity for you to be part of the Lemon Learning tribe. 


What you gain: 

- A 5000€ training + personal sales coaching with Lemon Learning’s founder will be provided. 

- You will fully manage a few French customers. 


You must be bilingual with the language of the target country you will work in. Good French and English levels are also required.


***Your mission ***

* Get to be an expert on Lemon Learning 

* Set up a lead machine and be responsible for the entire sales funnel in your region

* Close new deals and drive rapid growth to establish Lemon Learning as the market leader in your region

* Settle a brand in your region and implement ways to increase brand awareness

* Set up a sales team

* Set up a service team

* Manage the local website


Included in your package

  • Attractive fixed salary
  • Capped variable
  • Variable from the first sale and then an accelerator
  • 3,000€ of expenses included (transport, macbook or equivalent, telephone)


We study CVs with experience in sales or an equivalent field and consider tech-savvy profiles. You will be tested on your ability to propose a complex solution to a high-level representative. 


In general, we organize a call, then 2 physical appointments. 


Terms and Conditions

Start date: ASAP

Type of contract: permanent contract 

Location: Paris 

Compensation: attractive variable


To apply for this position

CV and cover letter to be sent to: [email protected] 




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